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Luca Ganz is an artist, artistic director, theologian and yoga teacher based in Offenbach, DE.

He studied Theology in Frankfurt am Main with a special focus on questions of hermeneutics, epistemology, aesthetics and performance. During his studies he also attended seminars and lectures in the fields of literary studies, musicology, religious studies, psychoanalysis, sociology, theater studies and art history. He received a scholarship from the Evangelische Studienwerk Villigst. He worked for Ursula Roth and Stefan Alkier, among others, and published his first essays on methodological questions of semiotic exegesis and the Apocalypse of John. He is currently researching a synthesis of theological mythology and contemporary aesthetic theory.

As a freelance artist he is studying performance art and electronic media with Kerstin Cmelka and Alexander Oppermann in Offenbach am Main (MFA). His works include experimental music, sound installations, endurance performances, songs, happenings and workshops. He also works as an artistic director, organizer and communicator in the artistic field at the interface between art and society.

Solo Shows

Aleph, Alpha, A/Aleph, Omega, O. Requiem Material St. Michael 2022

Scapes/Songs/Scores (Aaarbeitsamt, Offenbach) 2024

Group Shows

Entropie/Atopie/Learning to Count 2018 (BOK Offenbach, with Enxhi Mehmeti, Sara Moscow, e.a.)

Aus heutiger Sicht. Diskurse über Zukunft 2021 (Group Exhibition at MAK Frankfurt)

Konversion 2023 (Zollamt Studios, Offenbach with Orell Kötter, Amparo Lippek, Curated by Mara Aiko)


Essay-Prize Freunde und Förderer des Fachbereichs 06 Evangelische Theologie


Festival der jungen Talente 2018 (Festival, with Yannick Brenden)

Wagner Project 2019 (Festival, with the Rewe City Crime Boys)

Ceci ne pas un Rundgang 2020 (Festival, with Kerstin Cmelka e.a.)

Biennale des Bewegten Bilds 2020 (Festival, with Kerstin Cmelka e.a.)

Rough Proposals 2022 (Festival at ATW Gießen, with Hanna Launikovich)

Riviera Festival 2023 (Festival Offenbach, with Lazerhaze Art Duo)

Published Papers

Ganz, Luca, "Channeling Schlingensief", in: Tissue No666FFF, Tokyo 2019.

Ganz, Luca, "Konstellation und Syntagmatik. Zum Verhältnis zweier Interpretationskonzepte am Beispiel von Apk 2,12–16", in: Stefan Alkier (Hg.), Antagonismen in neutestamentlichen Schriften. Studien zur Neuformulierung der "Gegnerfrage" jenseits des Historismus, Paderborn 2021, S. 407-435.

Ganz, Luca, "Post-Moderne Apokalypse. William S. Burroughs und Keith Haring im Dialog mit der Johannesoffenbarung", in: Stefan Alkier, Thomas Paulsen (Hgg.), Apocalypse Now? Studien zur Intermedialität der Johannesapokalypse von Dante bis Darksiders, Leipzig 2022, S. 93-112.

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